About Us

Our story began in Chicago, IL in 1999— when Numan Karim, a young and determined entrepreneur Realized that he had something special to offer the beauty and fragrance industry. He knew that this market needed top-of-the line products made with that amazing combination of high quality, simple and natural ingredients, all topped off with love. Believing that simple and natural is always better, he developed an amazing line of skin care products ranging from deliciously whipped shea butter enriched with natural ingredients to great smelling body oils bursting with richness. This development process, coupled with a strong sense of integrity, purpose and honesty in conducting business led to the birth of Sakinah Bath and Body Inc.


Designed from the ground up with a focus on a wide range of clientele in mind, all our products were created to work efficiently and effectively on the specific issues our clientele may have. Whether you are looking to restore your skin’s natural tone, reduce signs of aging, enhance your skin’s natural beauty and elasticity, or smell amazingly good, we at Sakinah Bath and Body Inc. have exactly what you need.


We understand that our customers need products that do deliver — and this is why we are very passionate about what goes into our products. Come on, let us show you!